• Suave Petal Tall Mermaid Acrylic Mirror - 40cm x 11cm - E2R3UP3JD
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  • Size:40cm x 11cm

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    About Acrylic Mirrors

    First and foremost please remember that these mirrors are NOT GLASS, acrylic is a form of plastic that can come in many densities and thicknesses.

    Our acrylic shatterproof mirrors are laser cut and made from 3mm thick acrylic, they are lightweight and shatterproof, so no drilling, hammering, nailing or screwing is required when fixing them to a surface. Just peel the protective film from the front of your mirror and fix away.

    The backs of the mirrors are flat and so will give a 'flush' look to any flat surface. There are no wall attachments on the back of our mirrors unless otherwise specified. Please read 'Mounting acrylic Mirrors' below.

    All sizes are given for the mirrors widest points, imagine a box drawn around the design to help with measuring ideas. All measurements are given in centimetres (cm) not 'mm' or 'inches', so please check the size you need before ordering to save you having to return you mirror for an alternative size later on. All secondary sizes are approximate as these can change to make the design look as it should do but the main (first size given) will always be correct.

    Unless otherwise specified within the description all mirrors are silver. All colours in full or part are simply a reflection within the mirror (usually flowers). The walls, boards or doors behind the shape of the mirrors do not come with the mirror, these are usually white, purple, red or beige and in most cases pretty impossible to ship anyway.

    Mounting Acrylic Mirrors

    There are various ways to mount your acrylic mirror from PVA glue, wood glue or household sealant, double sided sticky tape or foam pads can also be used and using a good quality brand will ensure your mirrors stay in place. Regrettably we no longer supply double sided sticky foam pads with our mirrors but these can or course be purchased from many high street stores, superma

    Suave Petal Tall Mermaid Acrylic Mirror - 40cm x 11cm - E2R3UP3JD

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    Suave Petal Tall Mermaid Acrylic Mirror - 40cm x 11cm - E2R3UP3JD

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